Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On the Cheap: It's all pre-painted so how do I know what's mine?!?!?

One of the first things that you notice with a pre-painted game is that they all look the same so how do you make them distinctive enough that you can tell which are you minis? The quick and easy way to do this is to simply stick a label on the base. I picked up a pack of 1008 round 3/4" labels made by Avery and they work very well. It is easy to download the template for Word and you can put anything you want on them. Best of all it that since they are printed on the computer no one has to try to decipher my chicken scratches!

Here is a picture of the labels on my Assualt Golems, along with my homemade markers which I will talk about next.

I also used the same template to make some markers for the game. You can get a pack of these from Rackham, but I had some 1" round wooden discs that work perfectly. Below is a picture of some of the ones that I have made. The other nice thing about using homemade markers is that the official markers from Rackham use various pictures for all their markers while mine is very clearly labeled so that you know exactly what is going on.

So here are two quick and easy solutions to couple of situations that you might run into with the game. Next I will probably do a write up about how I built my small demo board depicting the surface of Damocles. I have already posted a lot about this on the Yahoo group, but for now it gives me something to talk about until I have some battle reports to post.

More coming soon!

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