Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unit Review: the Easy Trike

Yep, that's right. I am finally doing the Easy Trike unit review. Come on now, it only took me how many weeks to get this done? Seriously though, lets take a look at this piece of hardware for the Karmans.

The Easy Trike is one of the many anti-grav vehicles that the Karmans can field. This feature alone is a nice plus since the Trike can just fly over any terrain that might get in its way unlike all of the other vehicles in the game. See all those low walls that your striders have to walk around? Not this puppy. It also mounts some pretty decent armor as well, sporting a armor value of 12.

Even so, all of this is not the most unique feature of the Easy Trike. That would have to be the twin jammers mounted on the front of this nimble little vehicle. The first time that I had one shoot at my Golgoth, I was expecting to get hit and take a couple of points of damage. An annoyance, to be sure, but not enough to seriously damage my walker unless I was really unlucky. Then I found out that each of the jammers rolls two dice for damage. In one turn, I watched my Golgoth suddenly get crippled by a shot from one of the two Easy Trikes that were on the board! And I thought that Urod had been annoying to deal with...

The irony is that as effective as the Easy Trike is against vehicles, it is virtually useless against anything else. Jammers are completely ineffective against all types of infantry (even the heavy power armor such as the Kolossus and TacArms) so if your opponent surprises you by going completely with troopers it means that you are out 250 points for each of the Trikes. Sure, they can still run over troops easy enough (though in the case of the Karmans I think it would be more a case of roasting the troops with their jet exhausts) but compared to what some of the other Trikes can do that is a very poor substitute.

This leads to the ultimate question, are they worth it? Well, that depends entirely on your situation. If you know that your opponent will be fielding either a vehicle heavy force (such as Frontline for the Red Blok) or even just a couple really nasty vehicles (Urod comes to mind) then I don't think that one or even two Easy Trikes would be a bad investment. If you are looking for an all-purpose vehicle you might want to consider something like the Jungle Trike instead. With its twin ZZ-guns, the Jungle Trike is more versatile since it can deal with both infantry and vehicles quite effectively. The armor is a little lighter on the Jungle Trike, but with their lower cost and more versatile weapons I think that overall they will probably be more effective against a infantry or mixed force.

I hope that you have enjoyed the review and remember that your comments and questions are always welcome. Until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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