Saturday, January 5, 2008

On The Cheap: Leadership markers

I know that Rackham has their own set of markers that they made for AT-43 but in the spirit of doing things on the cheap (and because I haven't seen them for sale here in town...), I decided to try looking at some alternatives. The official markers are black disks with pictures of blue radios on them (which is the symbol for leadership in the game), so I decided to do something similar. My markers are also blue and round but the radios are nowhere to be found.

Look familiar? Anyone who played Magic: The Gathering (and who didn't?) no doubt recognizes the round glass stones that were commonly used in that game as well as many other CCGs. I happened to find a number of them in amongst some old minis and decided that they would be perfect! They are small, easy to carry and best of all cheap. If you find that you actually don't have any of these laying around, try hitting your local craft store. They are commonly used in floral arraignments and you can get a more than you would realistically need for a game at a very reasonable price.

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