Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time To Meet The Neighbors: A new segment for Sin City AT-43

AT-43 now consists of four races, each with four different factions within each. This gives you lots of different options, even if you are just focusing on one of the races. There are the rules for a generic military force for the race plus three more specialized factions that each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Even so, some of us are never satisfied (or perhaps we simply have too many miniatures laying around that we want to use...) so I have decided to show some home grown races. I could just create a new faction for one of the existing races, but I like the idea of branching out and trying new things.

I personally own several different sci-fi armies, ranging from the Tyranids of 40k to the Arachnids of SST, but for this I decided to do a totally new line of minis. I just recently found them on the web and I really like how they look; a mix of humanoid alien with a WW I feel to them. The basic line consists of various minis representing the light infantry for this race, but I can think of some vehicles that would look great with them.

I just received a small order of them (a massive six mins!!!) and I have not had a chance to even get them assembled let alone painted. I will be working on that soon though, and once I have some progress made I will get some pictures posted.

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