Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Upcoming releases: and the beat rolls on...

After the last wave of minis, three initial factions all take a small vacation if you will as the Karmans roll on with more units to fill out their ranks in April with the addition of a hero, a type two infantry unit, and a type two vehicle.

First up is the main man of monkey madness, Freezer. Equipped with his custom-made super j-grips he is a terror to both infantry and vehicles, provided that he can get into close combat to make use of these deadly weapons.

Next are the Wendigos. Equipped with zz-rifles and with the abilitiy to combine their firepower into one massive indirect artillery blast, they can make any infantry unit foolish enough to get too close to them very sorry. They are also one of the few Karman units that can actually field a medic, giving them a little bit more survivability compared to some of the other units. The odd thing is that they have no close combat weapons at all, meaning that attackers don't need to worry about being crushed by a power grip. They still look like a tough nut to crack, but at least it is one less thing to worry about, right?

Adding to the Wendigos firepower is their first attachment box, which features a couple of grenade launchers. Not the most fearsome weapon in the world but since it is an indirect weapon, it does knock any survivors off their feet. After having been on the receiving end of this from a Red Blok Sierp, I almost wonder which is worse; having troops killed or simply having them unable to do anything because they are still trying to stand up...

Last but not least is the King Buggy, the first of the type two vehicles for the Karmans. Equipped with twin light ZZ-cannons in the front and twin flamers in the back, the King Buggy is very versatile piece of machinery on the battlefield, especially since it is also an anti-grav vehicle. Its one weakness is its relatively low armor compared to other type two vehicles. Don't expect standard infantry weapons to take it down but if you can get a few solid shots in with some support weapons, there is a good chance that you can cripple it.

And yes, there is still more monkey madness on the way in May as they get another infantry unit. But never fear; the other races will soon have their ranks bolstered as new heros rise to the challenge of the next major campaign in the AT-43 universe!

But more on that later... : )

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