Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Upcoming releases: another look at the King Mammoth

And man is that thing big! Yowza!

I don't own any of the Karmans myself so I can't really hazard any guesses at what the dimensions are, but I have seen those minis first hand so I know that thing will be massive! As Aftermath from the forums said, "I think I need a bigger box."

The only downside will be that it will be that much harder for a unit that big to navigate the battlefield which is not a bad thing considering how much damage that beastie can do.


Tracy said...

Hey this is Tracy, the guy behind the I wanted to say thanks for the link! Only thing...there isn't a "-" dash in the url. I love this blog by the way, it's a good way to get the new information! I'll be checking back, a lot I'm sure! Thanks


Snowman said...

Hey Tracy! Glad you like the blog and thanks for letting me know about the dash. It's working perfect now. :)

Maurice said...

Interesting blogg nice to see teh winter una striders are going to have all the arms

Snowman said...

That is the truth, maurice. As a Therian player, I know that I am frustrated about how I am going to get the spare weapons to make my
Wraiths more versatile, but at least I only need two different types of weapons and not four!