Thursday, February 21, 2008

Upcoming releases: see? that didn't take too long...

Well, the monkey goodness starts in April and continues into May with three more releases for the Karmans. This time it is only one new unit but there are also two new attachments as well.

First up are the Yetis. Similar in many ways to the Anakongas, the Yetis are equipped with a more accurate weapon plus heavier armor giving you a pretty good all around unit. The jump pack makes them maneuverable (nothing like being able to completely ignore terrain as you go sailing over it...) and they are the only other Karman unit that can field medics. Better armor and medics? What more could you want?

For starters, probably this; the rocket launcher. Not the most accurate of weapons but when you combine it with the jet pack... Esh. Need I say more? Good penetration and damage against vehicles make this one unit that I am going to be sure to shoot at first. : )

Last but not least is the second attachment box for the Wendigos. With this box you have the option to add the firepower of the drum gun to your squads. It does not have very much potential against most vehicles (that penetration is just too low...) but against infantry it is another story. You wanna talk about some swiss cheese?

Well, that about wraps it up for the upcoming releases before the new operation begins. So far there are only teasers about what that will entail, but we do know that you will need your long johns for this one. It's kind of like the big battle from that famous movie, ya know? On the ice world, and stuff? Except now there are like big monkies in power armor and robots and stuff. Pretty cool, dude.

More on Operation Frostbite soon.

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