Friday, March 21, 2008

Upcoming Releases: the Baal, Avans and more

Well, a number of things have popped up for AT-43 lately, a great sign that the game is starting to pick up momentum. First off is the preview picture of the Baal Golgoth. This is another type 3 vehicle (like the King Mammoth for the Karmans) and man does it look nasty! And the best things about this are that 1) this is the actual miniature not just a computer mock up and 2) it is slated for release in August! Rackham had announced a short while ago that it coming out later in the year but it seems like they are trying to push up their release schedule some.

There has also been some movement on the release schedule. Rackham recently removed the months that had been listed on the schedule and replaced them with wave numbers instead. A wise move as this keeps people from going crazy saying "Where are the July releases?!?!?" but it still give you an idea of when to expect things to come out.

In the current schedule, Operation: Frostbite has been moved back a wave while the MedTec unit box has been moved up a wave. This basically means that the first of the new units will be hitting the shelves a month or so before the Operation: Frostbite comes out giving us a chance to try them out before they throw the next campaign at us.

In addition, they have added some things to the wave that Frostbite is now part of (officially listed as Wave 6).

The Karmans get more K-Fighter love with the release of the K-Shooters. Packing a massive ZZ-cannon on its back, the K-Shooters are great for blasting vehicles and infantry into tiny, little pieces.

Also listed for the Karmans is Guru Lucius. Who is he? What vehicle does he come with? Well, unfortunately both of these questions must go unanswered for now. As for the vehicle, it appears to mount twin drum guns in the front and twin ZZ guns in the rear, plus it has the enclosed cockpit. I think that this is the Jungle Buggy but since my Karman army book is currently hiding from me, I might be wrong on this. Then there is Guru Lucius. He is a hero for either the Anakongas or the Kaptars (or maybe both?) and he is packing two drum guns. And you thought the single drum pistol of the Anakongas was bad...

Next is the new Kolossus unit for the Red Blok, equipped with the same weapons as the Lieutenant that they seem to be named after. Coincidence? I think not... Still no word as to what exactly they are armed with but I think that the earlier guess of a Mgauss and a rocket launcher are still a pretty solid bet.

And last but not least is Lt. Epstone. Kitted out with the much sought after open TacArm, it appears that she is actually a Death Dealer hero. Already a potent anti-infantry unit, the addition of a hero will mean that the Death Dealer unit will be able to use the "Fire At Will" combat drill, giving them a re-roll with the machine guns and making them that much deadlier.

Rackham has also announced that it will be releasing an Operation: Damocles Campaign book and an AT-43 Tactics book as well. No other information on this except that the special cards that were included in the Cry Havoc magazines are going to be included in the Campaign book as well.

The final bit of upcoming release info is only shown in this picture. In the background you can see the MedTech container and there is one of the nurses on the left, but there is no information yet as to who the people are in the orange and red jackets.

There is some specualtion that the female is actually Joan Casey, a journalist for the Daily Ava though other have thrown out that maybe these are the engineers that have been mentioned before. Either way it will be interesting to find out how they fit into the game.

That is all for today, but stay tuned for the Unit Review of the Easy Trike. I am really going to do it this time, promise. Until then, may all your dice come up Dragons!


Anonymous said...

Best AT-43 review I read.

The second best is probably something else you wrote.


Snowman said...

Merci beaucoup Monsieur Dragontigre! (You left me speechless in English so I had to drag out what little French I know. :)

Seriously though, your kind words are very much appreciated. Thanks!