Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At-43 Upcoming Releases: Operation Frostbite, Cobra M8 and Nina Zero

Hey everyone,

Rackham just released some new information about Operation: Frostbite in their latest newsletter.

"Élysée… an orb of ice swept by raging winds and covered in slow crawling glaciers. Its temperate zone is a tundra where even survival is an accomplishment. A few sheltered valleys, kept warm by hot springs or some other climatic quirk, have harbored the Karman settlers who came to study an indigenous species apparently related to theirs.

However, here where life seems barely possible, Red Blok mining excavations have spread like a plague, leaving the ice scarred and blackened with slag. Collectivist industry is in urgent need of elysium, an ore that can only be found on this planet, and the mines clawing at the crystal seams survive the best they can since the beginning of the war.
The planet´s ice fields lie in the shadow of the Therian doomsday devices, shut inside their gigantic fortresses and abandoned by their masters. To those turning their gaze to the poles, these buildings are a blank tombstone on which the stone carver has yet to chisel the name of the deceased. Yet everybody knows the name it will bear: Élysée."

In addition, they also released a PDF excerpt from the campaign book that you can find here. Really good information there, including a history of the planet explaining why the four races are fighting over this big chuck of ice and some info about new units for each factions. Can you say new vehicles and troop transports?

In addition to this, Rackham also released pictures of the Cobra M8 for the UNA and Nina Zero with her Golgoth, Babylon Zero. Here are the pictures with the respective blurbs.

"The Cobra M8 is the latest version of the Defender Snake, designed to improve on the versatility of this assault strider. Equipped with an advanced tracking system capable of following several targets at once, this strider mounts a medium laser cannon and a medium missile launcher.

This makes it the ideal support machine for infantry units and recon striders alike. The targets it does not destroy the first time become easy pickings for the troops accompanying it. Its missile launcher is perfect for destroying armored fighting vehicles, while its laser cannon is a nightmare for enemy battlesuits."

"Nina Zero is an officer and a hero for the Therian army. She comes on foot and aboard her combat strider Babylon Zero. As a soldier, Nina Zero can become the officer of any bane goliath unit. Aboard her armored fighting vehicle, she is a unit of her own. Overseer Nina Zero has her own routine, "Zero Fire", which allows her to benefit from sniper rule even when she moves. Her armored fighting vehicle is equipped with a pair of medium nucleus cannons 2.0, an tweaked version with increased rate of fire! On top of that, this exceptional overseer can recruit a Red Blok unit into her company. The special rules of Nina Zero are detailed in AT–43 Campaign: Frostbite."

Well, that is all for now but be sure to check back soon for the Fire In The Hole! battle report and more. Until then, may all your dice come up Dragons!

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