Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AT-43 Upcoming releases: more information about Operation Frostbite and the Cogs

Hey everyone,

Rackham has released more information about what exactly Operation: Frostbite will contain. You may remember in an earlier post that Rackham had said that there would be a "crystal base" and a "large crystal base". Turns out they were being quite literal in the description!

This is the crystal base...

And the large crystal base...

There will also be Civil engineers included in the set. Early speculation about these minis was that they might be characters from the upcoming novel set in the AT-43 universe, but it turns out that they will just be your average Avan trying to make a living on a freezing, ice ball of a planet. Not bad miniatures and they will be an interesting addition to the line, though as a Therian player they don't really do much for me in the game. Could be a interesting scenario though, "Save the Scientists" kind of thing. There is no word as to how many will come in the set, but here are the three that they have released pictures for.

Not quite sure what is up with the third one as he looks kind of like he has a hair dryer with a portable power source. Seems kind of odd to me, but that's Avans for you.

In addition to the miniatures, Operation: Frostbite will also include another story based campaign composed of 37 missions (now that's a lot of missions!), new neutral units (those pictured above plus the MedTec units), new combat drills, troop transport rules (sounds like we can expect some new vehicles in the future), support units rules (finally! yay!), and new units for all four factions. All in all, it sounds like it will be a great addition to the game. Oh, and there will some reversible. outdoor terrain tiles included as well, though I have heard a rumor that the terrain rules are still going to be very limited.

Rackham also released some WIP pictures of the new Cog minis, but unfortunately they really are WIP pictures. Here is one to give you an idea what I mean.

They do look cool, at least from what you can see of the details, but we will have to wait a few more weeks until we get some really good pictures of them.

Well, that's all for now but there will be more soon! After playing on the small boards for AT-43, I decided to make one for Warmachine. Pretty basic overall, but I really like how it is turning out. More on that soon. Until then, may all your dice come up Dragons!

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