Sunday, May 11, 2008

Convention news: Gaming at Xanadu Las Vegas?

Hey Mom, I'm famous!

Not really, though I was filmed for a commercial today. Our LFGS (the Little Shop of Magic) was having some footage shot for a new Con that will be held next year, Xanadu Las Vegas. Not sure off all the details, but it was an excuse to go get in a really quick game of AT-43 and Warmachine. Here is a picture of John, the store owner, contemplating his impending doom at the hands of my mighty Therians. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Seriously though, it was a lot of fun to just throw the minis down and blow each other up for a bit. And a special thanks goes to my wife for suggesting that I go down to the Shop on Mother's Day so that I could help out. Thank you Mrs. Snowman! : ) And as far as the Con goes, I will post more information as soon as I have it.

While I was down there, I saw this and knew that I had to get a picture of it. An ordinary bathroom it seems to be, correct? Well, except that it is one of the cleanest public restrooms that I have ever seen, never mind that it is in a gaming store! The interesting thing is the two cans on the sink.

Here is a closer look at the two cans...

Yes, that's right. John even provides men's and women's deodorant for any gamer who might need to freshen up after a hard fought game of Magic. And yes, they are both labeled "For customer use".

That is all for now, but I am sure there will be more soon (such as the information about the DUST minis once I actually receive the sourcebook that I am still waiting on...). Until then, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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