Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AT-43 Upcoming Releases: the Red Blok hot foot!

Hey everyone,

Rackham just released pictures of the upcoming Molot type I combat strider for AT-43. For anyone who doesn't know, this walker is armed with two flamers so even those units that are hiding in their bunkers won't be safe anymore. The other interesting thing about it is the paint scheme...

This will be the first of the army book units that will be released in the new camo pattern. Personally I think that the paint job still looks great and I like the irony of it (see the big metal thing that is painted like a snow ball and spews fire? what's not to love!) but I imagine that some people are going to have issues with it. At this time, Rackham has not said anything about making it available in the original pattern but from what I have heard all of the armies will be switching over to the new paint scheme once Frostbite rolls around. Not that this bothers me too much though as the Therian idea of winter camo is red.

Now the big question is when does it come out! Well, Rackham has not put any official release dates on their upcoming minis (rather smart in my opinion as posting release dates only seems cause trouble) but it is listed as being in the same wave as Operation: Frostbite which Rackham has said will be released in time for GenCon which is in August (yes, I admit that I actually had to look that up...).

That's all for now but until next time, may all of you dice come up Dragons!

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