Thursday, May 1, 2008

Miniature News: more pictures of the DUST Tactics miniatures

As promised, here are some more pictures of the DUST minis that were at GAMA 08. Unfortunately these are only pretty pictures to look at as information as to what each of these are called is hard to find but fear not! I have a copy of the DUST sourcebook winging its way to me in the mail and as soon as it gets here I will see what else I can dig up about these mechanical menaces. Til then, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

First up are a couple of US walkers.

Next we have what looks to be a picture of some of the product packaging.

I am not sure who or what Mickey is but here is a picture of Joe, Team Commander of a US Special Forces Ranger Squad.

Next are a couple of German walkers. From looking at the pictures, these both seem to be the same walker with a different camoflage pattern on them.

Here is another picture of what seems to be packaging...

...and here is a picture of the Sigrid, Major in charge of secret operations and experimental research. There is also another version of this miniature at the Little Shop of Magic that is in a red outfit but the few pieces of art that I have found her pictured in always have her in black.

Last but not least here is a closer look at Koshka, Special Forces Officer for the Sino Soviet Union.

This is all I have for now if I am able to get more information from the Sourcebook, I will be sure to update the information. Til then, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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