Monday, July 21, 2008

AT-43 News: Organized Play is on the horizon!

Hey everyone,

Fantasy Flight Games just released the following announcement...

"Rackham Organized Play

It's finally here! Aarklash is banging its war drums, calling its warriors to arms, while the universe of AT-43 is ablaze and can only be claimed by one species to dominate the galaxy! League play for both AT-43 and Confrontation will be starting up at your local retailers on August first. This league is going to be a preliminary one to let us know how many stores are going to run Rackham leagues. This information will be used to figure out how many league kits we should order when we launch our official league, that being on September first. More information for that league will be released at a later date."

Very few details at this point but it is a promising sign in my opinion. My FLGS has been trying to find out more information about organized play for AT-43 ever since we started playing down there so it is good that FFG and Rackham are finally going to do something for it. I have also dropped a line to the person at FFG who is in charge of the whole thing to see if he can give any more information and as soon as I get a response I'll be sure to pass it along.

That's all for now but until next time, may all of you dice come up Dragons!

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