Thursday, July 3, 2008

AT-43 Preview: More Frostbite Excerpts and a Painted Comparison

Hey everyone,

Rackham has released two more excerpts from Frostbite, the first about the new Morningstar faction for the UNA while the second is H/Babel faction for the Therians. Both these have new special rules and platoon patterns letting you add another new dimension to the battles on Elysee. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Personally I am especially interested in the H/Babel faction for the platoon pattern that they have. Focusing more on the type 1 and 3 infantry units than most of the other factions, H/Babel also includes type 1 armored fighting vehicles as an option rather than a mandatory choice to fill out the platoon. With Hekats being so hard to come by and the Succubus not even being available yet, this makes this pattern very workable for me. The advantage and disadvantage are different but it is the flexability that really interests me the most. And as an added plus, the H/Babel excerpt also includes the official rules for the v2.0 nucleus cannon upgrade on the Golgoths. Man I love that thing...

One last thing of note is this picture comparing the studio version of the Red Blok Molot with the production version.

There are some slight differences but they really are very minor. Definitely a great job by Rackham on this one and proof that the paint jobs are only getting better.

That is all for now but I should have some more pictures of my Frostbite terrain soon. Holidays and overtime making working on gaming projects a little challenging... Until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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