Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AT-43 Upcoming Releases: more Cog wild speculation and a look at the mighty Dotch Yaga!

Hey everyone,

The latest Cry Havoc Online features more preview pics of the Cogs and the first look at the Dotch Yaga! Exciting stuff for the Reds and the Squids so without further ado, lets take a look at them.

First up are the new lovable neighbors, the Cogs. This issue included a picture of one miniature from several different angles two of which you can see below.

So the big question is "What the heck is it?" I was going to go way out on a limb here and guess that this was actually be a type two special weapon trooper but I am thinking that it might actually be a type 3 trooper. The base looks a little small for what we can normally expect to see from the type 3s but if you look at this prototype picture it seems like this might just be the final version of this type of trooper.

I definitely think that this image was of a type 3 infantry trooper and it does have a number similarities; the missiles on the back, the bizarre little hand grip things that it is carrying.

So what can it do? I am thinking that it is probably similar to the RPG Kolossus unit of the Red Blok in that it packs the potent twin rocket launchers. Note that I did say rocket launchers because I don't think that these will be the locked shot missile launchers like the UNA loves to field. Rackham minis tend to be very WYSIWYG so I am thinking that these will have two stat lines with four attack dice for each one with a pretty potent penetration. As for the things in its hands, I am going to guess that those are some kind of a short range energy blaster. They look more like some kind of targeting device in the prototype drawing but on the actually miniature they really seem more like a blaster. Am I right? Who knows but it is fun to try to figure these things out and then see just how far off you really are! If you have your own guess then by all means post it in the comments as I would love to hear what everyone else thinks this mini might be able to do.

Next is the mini that the Red Blok players have been screaming for over the past few months. "Everyone else at least has pictures of their support striders so where is ours?!?!?" Good news kids, here it is...

The style seems very fitting for the Blok though I can see some people complaining about the legs looking a little too Therian. The thing to remember is that those two weapons pack a serious punch and would no doubt have a pretty serious recoil to go along with that punch! The mortar has a massive 10cm radius while the gauss cannon rolls a whopping five attack dice!The only good thing (for the rest of us at least...) is that both of these weapons thankfully have relatively short ranges. Then again with the Lady in Red I can actually field one with my Therians but I digress... The only bad news is that the Dotch Yaga is still the last item listed on the current release plan but at least all those RB players with have all their new toys from Frostbite to play with to keep them busy while they wait. Small consolation I know but at least it's something!

Well, that is all for now but there should be more soon! The Frostbite tiles that I am working on are still to come, plus there will be another battle report this weekend and I have some other things in the works as well. So until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!


Snowman said...

Okay, I can breath... Thought I lost the whole post for a second there... Talk about scary!

Larkin Vain said...

Man I can't wait to get my hands on a Dotch Yaga. I'm just disappointed that it comes out so late :(

Snowman said...

It is a bummer but it will give the rest of us time to figure out just how we are supposed to stop that thing! :)