Saturday, July 26, 2008

DUST News: more concept art and miniature previews available

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More information is slowly being released on the DUST miniature wargame. Well, mainly pictures actually but they still look pretty cool so let's take look at what they have to show us. I tried to dig up some additional information from the DUST Sourcebook but since it was published in at least a few years ago some of the information might be a bit dated now. Still, I thought I would include it to give a little more depth to the pictures.

First up is Sigrid Von Thaler with what is called her class II robot "Blitz".

Sigrid is described in the sourcebook as being in charge of secret operations and research that is being conducted by the Reich. Overall she sounds like a very nasty little lady with a sadistic streak a mile wide. The basic design of the walker looks very similar to what the sourcebook describes as the Luther which was the first Axis walker to enter full production in 1944. The main difference between this version and what is pictured as the standard version are the weapons. The book pictures the walker with an autocannon mounted on one arm while the other actually has a large metal pincher, while this walker appears to mount two rocket launchers.

Next up is the C2 Mickey armed with a flamer and equiped for amphibious operations in the Brazillian jungle circa 1952.

The Mickey is described in the DUST sourcebook as the the most commonly used walker by the Allies with several different versions in production. This verison has had its howitzer removed and a flame thrower installed in its place. Judging by the pictures, it looks like it also mounts a Browning .30 cal MG in the hull and a Browning .50 cal MG on the cupola. The large drums mounted on the sides of the hull and the back of the turret are flotation devices, giving this version the ability to wade through rivers.

The next preview is of another version of the Mickey, this time armed with twin 15 inch "Bunker Blaster" rocket launcher, used in Western Europe circa 1946.

This looks like it is armed with the standard 75mm howitzer in the turret in addition to the machine guns and the rocket launchers.

Finally we have the latest picture which is actually a piece of concept art for an Allied character, Rosie.

No details about her that I know of but she looks like the Army's ideal version of a mechanic; not only can she blow stuff up, she can also put it back together again afterward!

Well, that is all for now but from the sounds of things on the DUST website we can expect more previews soon. Until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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