Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AT-43 Preview: more information about the Lady in Red

Hey everyone,

Fantasy Flight Games has a preview of the Nina Zero up on their website and I must say that she is looking pretty interesting. How so? Well, lets take a look and find out...

Nina Zero is an omnicron overseer that can be fielded in two different forms; either in her Golgoth, Babylon Zero, or on foot with a unit of Bane Goliaths.

Babylon Zero costs 475 points and comes with the v2.0 medium nucleus cannons automatically. This gives it a serious punch and lets you put a higher level overseer into a Golgoth which is always a handy thing. In addition to this, she has access to the Zero Fire routine. What does this do, you ask? For a mere one LP it lets her choose the location of each impact, effectively giving the Therians access to a mobile sniper equipped with anti-tank weapons. You just gotta love that! At least you do if you are a Therian player...

In her other form she must be attached to a unit of Banes, coming in at a total of 530 points (including a relay for the Banes). At first this could sound kind of pricey but when you consider that the whole unit has access to the Zero Fire routine... Eesh... That's gonna leave a mark! We are now talking about eight shots with a re-roll to hit, plus potentially a re-roll on any failed damage tests (thanks to hyper nano nucleus) and then you can choose where all of those damage points are assigned.

The other ability that Nina Zero has access to is Lady in Red. This lets you include a Red Blok unit in your platoon when you field either of the Zero units. This will be interesting to try out as there are a few of units that the Red Blok has that I would be very interested in trying out. Perhaps the Kossak with its potent rocket launchers? Or a unit of Sierps so that I can finally has some indirect weapons on the board... So many options, so little time...

Now all of this sounds absolutely sickening and it can be but there are definitely ways to counter this rather nasty bundle of joy. First and foremost are any abilities that let you cancel other abilities as they are played, such as the advantage of the Nova faction for the Karmans. Failing something fancy like that, there is the good old strategy of pounding the living daylights out of her. It is only a regular Golgoth after all; hit it hard enough and you can take it out, leaving her on foot and slightly more vulnerable.

So what about if she is with the unit of Banes? If you have artillery, just keep pounding them. Goliaths have good armor so you might not be able to take them out even with a couple of salvos from your average indirect fire weapon but you can knock them down which is even worse! Even the lowly Krasny Soldaty grenade launcher with its mere penetration of 4 can pin them down until you can get something stronger into position to take them out.

All in all, Nina looks really nasty but as with most things in AT-43 there is a way to deal with her. The real key is don't just focus on her as that can cost you the game. Try to find a way to deal with her but if you can't seem to be able to do that then just try to avoid her and complete the mission at hand. All the anti-tank sniper shots in the world won't help you if your opponent just won the game by completing the objectives while you were looking for that killer shot.

That's all for now but until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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